Bitch Hunt

Paintings from my Illustration thesis featured at OCAD University's 2016 graduate exhibition. Bitch Hunt explores the history of women accused of witchcraft by comparing what they were accused of with why they were really on trial.

Prints of this series are available here.

  • Merga Bien

    Accused of being impregnated by the Devil, Merga was only guilty of some extramarital affairs.

  • Ursula Shipton

    Accused of being a witch from a very young age, Ursula was only guilty of being ugly.

  • Bridget Bishop

    Accused of using a poppet to bewitch men, Bridget's only crime was her scandalous red dress.

  • Catherine Monvoisin

    Though accused of a plot to poison the King, Catherine's only crime was possessing political influence.

  • Agnes Sampson

    Accused of raising storms to strike down Queen Anne's ship, Agnes was only guilty of being incredibly smart.

  • Sidonia von Borcke

    Known for her outspoken nature, several lawsuits and almost always getting what she wanted, Sidonia was accused of magically murdering 6 people.

  • Lasses Brigitta

    Accused of raising the dead, Lasses was only guilty of speaking out against the Christian faith.

  • Agnes Bernauer

    Accused of practicing black magic, Agnes' only crime was marrying far above her class.

  • Märet Jonsdotter

    Accused of walking on water, Märet was only guilty of turning down her employer's romantic advances, as well as having a number of other male suitors physically fighting for her attention.